Zip Into Quick View

Our goal at OctoEverywhere is to empower makers worldwide by enabling fast and secure remote access to OctoPrint from anywhere. We all love to check in on our latest creations, and there are many great ways; the OctoPrint web portal, mobile apps, slicers, etc. Today we are excited to announce a new and extremely fast way to check in on the go, Quick View!

OctoEverywhere Quick Printer View for OctoPrint

Quick view is an instant way to check your printer and print status. Quick View was built from the ground up to be blazing fast and a rich experience on all device types. The first thing you see is a full and beautiful webcam live stream. Then we surface the real-time print details you need, including status, progress, time left, Gadget’s failure assessment, and more.

Quick View is also the first OctoEverywhere feature where you can directly control your printer! If you notice that your print isn’t going to plan, you can use the pause or cancel buttons to quickly control the print.

Quick View is free for our entire OctoEverywhere community. Project supporters can enjoy enhanced Quick View features, like full webcam streams and longer Quick View streaming times. We are happy to provide our project supports these perks since they help fund the development of OctoEverywhere! As support grows, we strive to make more and more of OctoEverywhere completely free.

If you have questions, issues, or feedback about Quick View, please contact our support team; we love hearing from our community!

Happy Printing!