Important Plugin Update And New A Server Region

Two quick things:

#1 – Important Plugin Update

I’m not quite ready to reveal the details quite yet, but I have my eyes on the 1.0 version release of OctoEverywhere. As a part of that, I have been working on a massive re-write of the plugin to service protocol. The new protocol takes all of the learnings from the current protocol but makes everything even better. I plan to write a longer blog post about what’s new, how much better it is, and the challenges I faced working on it. But for now, this is the important message:

Please update your OctoEverywhere OctoPrint plugin within two months of this post or you will get degraded performance.

Stand by for future radio transmission regarding the OctoEverywhere 1.0 release celebration. 😉

#2 – A New Server Region Live! 🎉

I’m excited to announce that I just brought a new data center online… London!

This brings our total worldwide data center regions to five: two European, two United States, and one Asia-Pacific. What this means for our community is the service will be running closer to more of you – which provides a faster and more robust experience. From rough testing in Europe, I found about ~40% of users saw a 20-30% improvement in page load times.

This and future data center expansions are made possible by the support of the community. OctoEverywhere is 100% funded by supporters. Your support is what drives updates, more data centers, and features. Thanks to each and every one of you who support the project!

Printoid Full Integration Available Now

Printoid is a sleek, modern, and extremely powerful OctoPrint app for Android… and it just got even better.

Today I’m happy to announce Printoid v18.0 now has full OctoEverywhere integration! 🎉

Leveraging OctoEverywhere’s fast and secure App Portal, you can now empower Printoid to access your printers from anywhere in seconds. Whether you already have a printer set up in Printoid or you’re going through the first-time setup, Printoid + OctoEverywhere is pure magic.

Check out these beautiful, simple, and frictionless user flows.

Want to give it a try? Printoid v18.0 is available right now on the Google Play Store. Download the app and follow the in-app instructions to get started.

If you have an Android phone, you gotta take it for a test print. 😊

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Hello World!

Hello You! You found the new home for OctoEverywhere news!

I’m hoping a simple blog structure will give me more freedom to express updates and news. We shall see!