Gadget Update – Your Future AI Failure Detection Assistant

Gadget - Your 3D Printing AI Failure Detection Assistant

Oh wow, it’s almost been two months since we announced Gadget! Time has flown by and we wanted to update the community on our progress. And man… have we made progress!

100% truthfully, we were blown away by the community’s excitement about Gadget. We had already been working on Gadget for a few months before its public release, and seeing energy from our community was magical. We have had thousands of sign-ups for the beta and even had some of our community members make Gadget 3D printable models. (how cute!)

We opened up the first version of Gadget to about 300 lucky community members around one month ago. Gadget had a solid foundation, but the feedback from our beta community significantly reshaped major parts of Gadget. Now Gadget is more useful and looking better than ever!

Gadget’s Inspection Count In Just 24 Hours!

A few stats on Gadget. We recently doubled the power of Gadget, so Gadget can now process more than 3 million images daily. Talk about eye strain. Gadget is built on a fully worldwide and dynamic server system that allows our global community to have the best 3D printing monitoring in the industry. In only our beta group, Gadget identifies print failures of all kinds about 200 times a week, with a ~95% success rate thus far.

We are blown away by the progress on Gadget and are so excited to share him with our entire community. But it’s not quite time yet. We are still polishing off the final UI issues and training the ML models to get even better.

For now, if you haven’t signed up for the beta, head over to Gadget’s homepage to do so now! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more updates. When Gadget is available for everyone – you’ll know it. 😉