Android And iPhone OctoPrint and Klipper Push Notifications

OctoEverywhere’s real-time notifications technology can deliver 3d print progress updates, Gadget warnings, printer errors, and more to your email, SMS, Telegram, Discord, … and now… your Android, iPhone, tablet, or desktop!

With no need to install an app, you can now get OctoEverywhere’s amazingly helpful, information-rich notifications directly to your Windows or Mac desktop, Android or iOS tablet, and Android or iOS phone – it’s 100% free! Notifications are fully supported by our OctoPrint and Klipper plugins.

OctoEverywhere's 3D Printer Status Push Notification On A Windows Desktop

What are you waiting for? Create a free OctoEverywhere account and set up push notifications now!

Our advanced notification system lets you choose exactly what information interests you. Print progress, first layer complete, filament change, printer errors, Gadget AI Failure Detection warnings, and more. Each notification is jam-packed with rich print information and a beautiful full-resolution real-time snapshot.

Our goal at OctoEverywhere is to empower the worldwide maker community to print better with free 3d printing cloud tooling. We are so happy that, with our community’s support, we can offer these new notifications for free for all our users.

Go enable mobile notifications for yourself now! Like always, if you have any feedback, we would love to hear it. Join our Discord server and let us know!

Happy Printing!