I have some extremely exciting news to share today… starting right now both OctoPod and Polymer for iOS support Complete OctoEverywhere Integration! OctoPod and Polymer (formerly OctoClient) are the top two rated OctoPrint apps on the iOS store. They both are excellent apps with modern looks and powerful features. These are a must-have if you have an iPhone for checking into your prints on the go!

Sounds amazing right? Click here to learn more and get your app set up now!

With the addition of these two new iOS apps, there are now a total of 4 apps on both iOS and Android that support Complete OctoEverywhere Integration. As a quick reminder, Complete OctoEverywhere Integration means you just need to download the app, sign in to OctoEverywhere, and everything just works. OctoEverywhere’s power app connection technology works seamlessly with these apps to create a reliable and secure connection to your printer from anywhere.

I have been working with the app developers behind OctoPod and Polymer for a few months now to make this happen. They were both extremely amazing to work with and outstanding engineers. Check out their apps and if you like what you see, consider supporting their efforts!

Like always, if something goes wrong or you have any feedback on the app integration, please reach out to me!

That’s all for now, happy printing!


This post is mostly just for legal reasons.

Let it be known that as of 8/24/2021, OctoEverywhere, its operation, financial liability, and legal liability is owned exclusively by my newly formed LLC, qLabs LLC!

To the users, nothing is different. The service is still owned, developed, and operated exclusively by me, Quinn Damerell (since I’m the only owner of qLabs LLC). The formation of the LLC simply helps me manage the business more officially and make sure I’m following all of the required business guidelines!

From day 1, my goal with OctoEverywhere has always been to build a tool for empowering the entire maker community. I’m over the moon with the success of the tool and the community we have all built so far. This is just the beginning, there’s so much more to come!

A very special thanks to each and every one of you who has made this possible!


Every since OctoEverywhere launched in beta back in November, the user home we know and love hasn’t changed much. Some have asked, why does all of my printer information load on top of the main website homepage? Well… there’s no good reason beyond when I was originally working on the prototype it was a quick and easy place to put it.

I have wanted to make the user home experience better for some time now and I finally found some time to do it. When reworking the experience, I had a few high-level goals:

  • Make a new delightful home for our just community.
  • Make it functional and glanceable.
  • Make it clean.
  • Make it modern.

One big goal was to make the new printer dashboard functional, so if you wanted to super quickly check on a print you don’t have to load the full OctoPrint dashboard. I’m very happy with the resulting webcam preview feature and hope to add more at-a-glance functional very soon.

The new dashboard is live now! To use it, just sign into your OctoEverywhere account and you will be directed to it!

As always, your feedback and support is what powers OctoEverywhere. We welcome any and all feedback, be it good or bad. Please send any feedback through our support system, I read each and every message.


I wanted to post a quick update about the OctoEverywhere v1 printer protocol! I have spent countless hours developing it and I’m happy to announce that the v1 protocol is now live for a subset of users!

When you connect to your printer if you see octolab in the URL, you’re on the new protocol! For example, you might see:


The v1 protocol is a total re-write of the printer protocol in which I made some dramatic advances in the technology. (the full details will be published in a blog post soon.) To start, users will experience faster page loading times, smoother webcam streams, less data used, and smoother file transfers. In the long run, the v1 protocol makes the system much more flexible and efficient for upcoming features!

Consider this roll out a beta test of the protocol. Not everyone will have access just yet, but very soon. The transition to the v1 protocol should be 100% transparent for all users – so if you experience any issues, please reach out to me via the support ticket system so I can check it out!

To ensure you can use the v1 protocol as soon as it’s available in your region, make sure your plugin is up-to-date!

Happy Printing!