Supporter Changes

Our mission at OctoEverywhere is to empower the worldwide maker community, and thus we try to keep our services as free as possible and perks as low-cost as possible. By keeping our service free, we keep our service accessible to everyone.

We have been trying to avoid changes to supporter pricing for as long as possible. But given the recent changes in the global economy, several services that OctoEverywhere depends on have increased their pricing. We have been covering those price increases as much as possible, but we hit a tipping point where we need to increase supporter perk prices a small amount to continue the operation of OctoEverywhere.

The Supporter Perks price of OctoEverywhere has been the same since the start of the project. Since then, we have added OctoPrint App Support, Notifications, Live Streaming, AI-based failure detection, and much more. We are proud of the feature profile we have created, but all of these features, along with unlimited OctoPrint access, cost us funds to operate.

The Supporter Perks pricing will only increase by $1. This new rate is still well below the industry standard for any service comparable to OctoEverywhere. There are no changes to the free offerings of our service.

We hope this price increase will be temporary. We will constantly assess the operational costs of the service and lower the price again when possible.

Our entire project is community funded by supporters like you. We are over the moon that we have been able to foster such an amazing community of makers and are honored that our service has changed 3D printing as we know it. We will continue to innovate in our space, adding more features, products, and ways to make your 3D printing more powerful than ever.

If you have any questions or feedback, please create a support ticket to talk with us directly.