Slip Into The Future Of Speed With Slipstream

We are blazing through our star map of building the world’s largest and fastest network of next-generation mesh services to provide our community ridiculously fast OctoPrint portal and app speeds.

Today we are proud to announce Slipstream, a new core technology that moves us even closer to our goal of ludicrous OctoPrint portal speeds. From real-world telemetry, we have observed Slipstream allows your OctoPrint portal to load 2.2-3.1x times faster than it previously did. In some cases, your portal will load faster on OctoEverywhere than if connected directly to OctoPrint on your home network!

How is that possible? Is it magic? Nope. It’s a lot of hard work, help from our fantastic community, amazing engineering, and obsession over building fast and reliable systems. Our new Slipstream technology is a concert of components running in the OctoPrint portal, our OctoPrint plugin, and our worldwide network of servers. With all of these components seamlessly working together, OctoEverywhere can efficiently cache, optimize, and deliver the unique aspects of your OctoPrint portal in a completely secure and record-breaking way.

We are proud to provide Slipstream as a free service for our entire community. Slipstream becomes another amazing free service offered by OctoEveyrwhere, alongside real-time print notifications, print live streaming, full-frame rate webcam streaming, and so much more.

You gotta see it to believe it! Try Slipstream right now by simply updating your OctoEverywhere plugin to the latest version. Of course, OctoPrint will also automatically prompt you to update your plugin within a few hours when it detects the update has been released.

If you haven’t joined our amazing community yet, you’re missing out! You can set up OctoEverywhere on your OctoPrint server in less than 20 seconds completely for free, why not try it now!

Finally, we are saddened and horrified by the unlawful invasion of Ukraine. We don’t wield very much power to support those affected, but as a small gesture, we will be suspending payments on Supporter Perks for anyone in Ukraine during the next few months while keeping their Supporter Perks active. For current supporters, nothing needs to be done this will be applied automatically. For anyone else who’s affected and not an active supporter, please reach out to our support team.