The Best OctoPrint Apps For iOS and Android

Looking for the most features, best looking, or most functional OctoPrint app for either iOS or Android? Look no further!

Our goal at OctoEverywhere is to empower makers worldwide to achieve their goals using powerful 3D printing tools. OctoPrint is the foundation of powerful 3D printing. When you’re on the go, pairing OctoPrint with a phone app makes watching and managing your 3d printer a breeze!

All of the apps we selected support OctoEverywhere’s App Connections technology. OctoEverywhere’s App Connection technology empowers OctoPrint apps to connect to your OctoPrint from anywhere using a safe and secure connection. Remote access to your OctoPrint-based 3d printer truly empowers your printing potential, and OctoEverywhere makes it easy and secure.

Let’s see our picks for the best OctoPrint apps!

iOS – OctoPod & Polymer

If you’re on an iPhone, look no further than OctoPod or Polymer. Both are feature-packed modern OctoPrint apps written by passionate developers. While you’re on the go, speed and simplicity are critical. OctoPod and Polymer offer extremely quick connection times and surface a beautiful large webcam live stream right when you open the app. OctoPod and Polymer will get the job done if you need printer management on the go. Both apps pack an enormous number of features into their simple and beautiful mobile UI. OctoPod even works on your Apple Watch, iPad, and Apple TV!

OctoPod for OctoPrint

OctoPod – View On The App Store

Polymer for OctoPrint

Polymer View On The App Store

Android – OctoApp & Printoid

For Android users, we love OctoApp and Printoid. Just like the iOS apps above, these powerhouse apps pack a punch while keeping the UI clean and simple. Both apps offer blazing fast connections and full webcam streaming to quickly check in on your prints while you’re out and about. OctoApp and Printoid support so many features we can’t possibly list them all here, but whatever you need to do, you can get the job done. Some of our favorite features include powerful Android OS integrations, like a floating webcam bubble, Android Wear OS support, rich notifications, and so much more.

OctoApp For OctoPrint

OctoApp View On The Google Play Store

Printoid for OctoPrint

Printoid View On The Google Play Store

We are sure these four apps will satisfy makers of all types, from casual prints to print farm owners. We have worked with all of the developers of the apps above and can truly say they are amazing people building amazing apps for the love of the maker community.

As always, we are here to help with anything our community needs. If you have questions about OctoPrint, OctoPrint Apps, or OctoEveywhere’s App Connections technology, contact our development team!

Happy Printing!