Your Plugin Just Got Smarter – Intelligent Server Selection

We are proud to announce our latest feature: Intelligent Server Selection!

With Intelligent Server Selection, we have seen OctoPrint portal speed and latency improvements up to 70% for some of our community.  Our telemetry tells us that average users will see a 10-30% portal speed increase, but around 23% of our community will see a 70%+ speed increase!

OctoEverywhere is built on top of a cutting-edge global mesh network of servers. We try to get as many servers in as many regions as we can, so our entire community experiences amazing latency and performance when using their OctoPrint portals. Up until now, we have relied on traditional internet routing systems to get users to the server that’s closest to them. These systems are fine for basic internet requests, but when the latency is key, they are lackluster.

We developed an advanced real-time latency measuring system that’s automatically run by the plugin periodically to find the absolute best connection for your exact location. Using the information gathered by the latency testing, our plugin is then able to connect to the most ideal set of servers, delivering you the fastest possible OctoPrint portal experience.

Sounds amazing right? We agree! This feature is live now in the latest version of our OctoPrint plugin, so simply update to try it out!

We build OctoEverywhere to empower the entire maker community, no matter where they live. Like always, if you have any feedback, issues, or questions, please reach out to us directly using our support system.

Happy Printing!