Say Hello To Gadget – Your AI Failure Detection Assistant

Our goal at OctoEverywhere is to build tools and services that make 3D printing smarter and more effortless for makers around the world. Today we are thrilled to announce our latest adventure down that path, Gadget.

Gadget - OctoEverywhere's New AI Failure Detection Assistant

Gadget is your new 3D printing best friend. Gadget uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms to continuously monitor your 3D prints and take real-time action when something isn’t looking great. At launch, Gadget will just be watching for common print failures, like spaghetti. But over time Gadget will learn to detect many common printing failures.

Gadget is really excited to meet you, but is still learning at the moment. We need to spend more time working with Gadget to help him learn and iron out all of the bugs in his programming, but we need your help!

We will be inviting a select few users to get early access to Gadget in the coming weeks. We will be looking for members of our community who are willing to test and send feedback to Gadget as he learns. If that sounds like you, request beta access today!

When Gadget launches, Gadget will be free for all OctoEverywhere users. We are excited to see what a future with Gadget brings for our community. 3D printing has never been smarter or simpler with OctoEverywhere!