Security is the #1 priority for OctoEverywhere. We constantly strive to improve our service to make sure your printer and account only are accessible to you.

Today we are excited to announce email account access verification! This new system applies to all accounts and is enabled by default. It protects your account by only allowing logins from trusted locations. If you try to log in to your account from an untrusted location, you will get an email with a two-factor access code you must add to the login. The new location will then be trusted for up to 6 months and thus will allow logins with no account access verification needed.

Note that the trusted location technology only applies to account login and other actions that are security-sensitive. If you are already logged in on a device and move elsewhere, you will not need to verify access with the trusted location system.

OctoEverywhere has supported app-based two-factor authentication for a long time now, which is the best way to lock down your account. The issue is app-based two-factor requires the user to enable it and most users don’t. Since our new email account access verification system applies to all accounts and is always enabled, it protects our entire community from the start.

We would love to hear your feedback or questions. We are here to help anytime, reach out via our support system.

Happy Printing!