We had an absolute blast celebrating our first birthday with our community! Behind all of the birthday celebrations we have been hard at work making OctoEverywhere even better and we have some updates to share!

Faster OctoPrint Portal Loads and App Startup Times

Thanks to the fantastic mind behind OctoApp for Android, we looked into and implemented message compression for our WebSockets! Our printer to server protocol already leverages advanced compression to keep message sizes small and zippy, but now the connection from your browser to our servers will as well!

If you have no idea what that means don’t fear, the result is we are seeing the OctoPrint portal load 10-15% faster and some apps load 5-15% faster on the first launch! You don’t have to do anything to enable it, it’s already working for you right now!

Webcam Plugin Streaming Optimisations

We made an update to our OctoPrint plugin that optimized the webcam stream startup speed and playback smoothness. This change will affect lower-powered devices the most, but it should bring a good performance boost to almost all of our community. To benefit from this work, simply make sure you’re using the latest OctoEverywhere plugin!

IPV6 Enabled Worldwide

We constantly strive to ensure our service is accessible to makers all over the world. One big step towards that goal involved rolling out IPV6 across all of our services. IPV6 is the next-generation internet protocol that allows for better and faster communication between devices on the internet.

What this means for our community is that more of you can connect to our service with smoother and faster connections! In the past, if your internet provider only supported IPV6, the connection to our IPV4 address would need to be proxied and translated by an ISP-controlled server. But now that OctoEverywhere supports IPV6 so your connections will come directly to our servers!

Happy Holidays ☃️

We have a lot more great features being cooked up in our kitchen that we are excited to tell you about soon!

Buy until then, have a great holiday season and happy printing!