Elegoo Neptune 4 Series – Free Remote Access And AI Failure Detection

The Elegoo Nepture 4, Elegoo Neptune 4 Max, and the entire Elegoo Neptune 4 series are workhorse 3D printers. They are fast, reliable, and have excellent print quality. What would make them even better? How about free and unlimited remote access, AI print failure detection, real-time print notifications, live streaming, and more using OctoEverywhere.com? Sounds awesome, right?!?

OctoEverywhere’s setup process is designed to be extremely easy; it only takes about 30 seconds to get set up. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to set up free and unlimited remote access for the Elegoo Nepture 4 family of 3D printers.

Find Your Printer’s IP Address

 First, you will need to find your printer’s IP address. All devices connected to your home network have an IP address, a unique number that identifies the devices to other devices on the network. For your computer to connect to your printer and install the OctoEverywhere plugin, you need to get your Neptune 4’s IP address.

To find your Neptue’s 4 IP address, use the display on the printer to select “Advance Settings.” You will see the IP address; the format will look something like Write down the IP address; you’ll need it for the next step.

SSH Into your Elegoo Neptune 4

SSH is a way to connect to your Neptune 4 printer from your desktop or laptop computer. To SSH, you will need a terminal, such as MobaXterm, on Windows or the Terminal app on a Mac. If you need help downloading and using MobaXterm, here is an excellent guide.

When you have your terminal ready, ssh into your Neptune 4 using the following command:

ssh mks@<your-printer-ip-address>

Replace <your-printer-ip-address> with the IP address you found on your printer above.

When SSHing into your Neptune 4, you must use a username and password. The SSH username and password for the Neptune 4 are:

Username: mks
Password: makerbase

As your SSHing, use the password above when prompted.

Install The OctoEverywhere For The Neptune 4

The last step, this one, is the easiest! Simply copy and paste this command into your SSH terminal. Note that with some terminals, to paste, you right-click your mouse on the terminal window.

bash <(curl -s https://octoeverywhere.com/install.sh)

This command will start the OctoEverywhere plugin install. The plugin installation is fully automated and will ask a few questions to help configure the system. At the end of the install, the plugin installer will give you a linking code. On your desktop or phone, go to https://octoeverywhere.com/code and enter the linking code to finish the setup!

Enjoy Your Free Remote Access For the Neptune 4

Octoeverywhere has many amazing free features to explore. Be sure to check out print live streaming with Live Links. Set up real-time printer notifications with snapshots. Enable Gadget for free and unlimited AI failure detection. Set up Mobileraker for iPhone or Android, an amazing 3rd party app, for easy mobile check-ins anywhere!

Enjoy OctoEveywhere, and welcome to the community!