2023 Service Updates

Today we wanted to share a few feature service updates we are excited about!

🤖 Gadget Power Improvements

We are excited to put even more power behind Gadget, our next-generation AI print failure detection system. The community already loves Gadget, and it’s just getting better. Along with Gadget continuously learning and improving from the communities feedback, Gadget now has double the computing power. Right now, the result of this increased power is lower time between print checks, resulting in faster and more accurate failure detections. In the future, this increase in power might lead to things like using being able to use more powerful ML algorithms to make Gadget even better. We want to do so much in the AI failure detection space; we are so happy that we have such a fantastic foundation and are excited about the future!

💻 Server Upgrades

It’s not just Gadget that got a power increase; we also have upgraded our worldwide server infrastructure to run on more powerful, faster, and better-connected servers. This new fleet of servers powers everything you know and love about OctoEverywhere, and ensures all of the features and services we provide run lighting fast. You will see improved page loading times, smoother webcam streaming, and Live Links that can scale to more concurrent viewers than ever.

🚀 Epic New Features

We constantly work on new features, listen to the community, and try new ideas. Our #1 goal is to make the best cloud service for the 3D printing community, let your ideas shine, and empower you every step of the way. We release bug fixes and small tweaks often a week, new, more minor features every few weeks, and one or two large features yearly. We are excited that this year will be no different. We already had a massive launch of Klipper support in the spring of this year, and we are really excited to show what we are working on next. Towards the end of this year (2023), watch for a major announcement of a new feature coming to OctoEverywhere in 2023. 😃

⚙️Support Adjustments

As OctoEveyrwhere grows, some things always have to change. We strive to keep OctoEveywhere accessible to everyone by offering as many of our features as free as we can. We think this is a major part of our contribution to the 3d printing community and stand committed to keeping it. But as we continue to develop the project, our community continues to grow, and as the numerous 3rd party services we rely on run OctoEverywhere continue to change, the cost of running the service fluctuates over time. For these reasons, we will increase all supporter processes by only $1. Extra printer costs will also go up by $0.50 from the current price. This still keeps OctoEverywhere as the lowest-cost option among any 3D printing cloud servers available. Beyond being the lowest price option, we still support the most and most advanced features of any cloud-based 3d printing platform.

We also believe in transparency, and thus, we are posting this blog post and sending emails to all users who will be affected 14 days before the price change is applied. Any user can add, edit, modify, or cancel their supporter perks at anytime on our website, using the supporter page.

OctoEveywhere is 100% driven and funded by the community. We live, breathe, and bleed OctoEveywhere and love working on this project because of the way we see our community embrace it. We can’t do it without you, and we thank you all for your support.

We love to communicate with everyone in our community. If you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or feedback, please contact us directly.

Happy Printing! 🚀