Helping Those In Need

The world is a crazy place right now. Some people are experiencing hard times, and others are living through unbelievable tragedy.

One of the most important reasons OctoEverywhere exists is to empower the community. When our team first started in 3D printing, we found nothing but a welcoming, warm, and giving community. The 3D printing community shares printer designs, tips and tricks, shared parts, 3D models, software, people hours, and more. That inspires us to develop OctoEverywhere; it’s our way of contributing back.

At some point in our lives, we feel helpless to help others. How can we impact the world for good as a 3D printing cloud service? We aren’t sure, but our only leverage is to take the tools we provide and empower others to do good. So we are going to do it.

For anyone who has fallen on hard times, be it financially, politically, culturally, or socially. If our services or tools would help you or your community get to a better place, we want to help you.

Contact us, and we will be honored to empower you with free Supporter Perks, filament, or whatever’s in our power to help.

If you have resources that might help those in need, please contact us; we can help facilitate their distribution.

We will get through this; the maker community is as strong, vibrant, and inclusive as ever. Let’s use the strength of our community to help the world. 🥰