Free Remote Access For The Creality Sonic Pad

The Creality Sonic Pad is taking the 3D printing world by storm. It’s a perfect combination of power, size, and features for a low price. But did you know you can level up your Creality Sonic Pad with free and unlimited remote access, app support, AI print failure detection, and more?

It’s true. OctoEverywhere empowers the worldwide maker community with free and unlimited remote access to their full Sonic Pad web portal, app support, next-gen AI failure detection, real-time notifications, and so much more.

The best part? It only takes 60 seconds to set up! Start now!

Step 1 – Enable SSH Root Access

SSH, or Secure Shell, is disabled by default on the Creality Sonic Pad. SSH is a standard tool for accessing and controlling your Sonic Pad from another computer. Think of it like a local remote desktop for your Sonic Pad.

Enabling SSH and getting the root password on the Creality Sonic Pad is easy:

  • From the Creality Sonic Pad home screen, select “Configure”
  • Select “Other Settings”
  • Scroll down and select “Advance options”
  • Scroll down and select “Root account”

You will see a warning informing you about the power of root access. But don’t worry; our guide will walk you through the steps required, and there’s no risk to your Sonic Pad or printer.

Scroll the text down to reach the bottom, check the box, and press “Next Step”. You will then see the SSH root login information for the Creality Sonic Pad. The default user name is root, and the password is cxsw-sonic_2023.

Step 2 – Find The Creality Sonic Pad’s IP Address

Each device on your home network has a unique IP address that allows it to communicate with other devices. To SSH into your Creality Sonic Pad, you will need to find the IP address of your Sonic Pad.

  • From the Creality Sonic Pad home screen, select “Configure”
  • Select “Network settings”
  • Select “Wireless network” or “Wired network” depending on your setup
  • The IP address will be listed at the top; write it down.

Step 3 – Log Into Your Creality Sonic Pad With Root Access

You will need to use a terminal, such as PuTTY for Windows or the Terminal app on a Mac. When you have selected a terminal, log into your Sonic Pad using this command:

ssh -oHostKeyAlgorithms=+ssh-rsa root@<your-sonic-pad-ip>

For example, if the IP address of your Sonic Pad is use:

ssh -oHostKeyAlgorithms=+ssh-rsa [email protected]

You will be prompted for the password you got when you enabled root SSH access. Enter: cxsw-sonic_2023

You did it! You now have a remote terminal open to your Creality Sonic Pad logged in as the root user! 🥳

Step 4 – Install The OctoEverywhere Plugin For Remote Access

The hard part is over! Now, run the following commands in the remote terminal to download and install the OctoEverywhere plugin:

cd /usr/share/

git clone octoeverywhere

cd octoeverywhere


If you’re wondering what’s happening, the cd command is used to move the terminal to a different folder, in this case, the /usr/share folder. git clone downloads our open-source plugin code to your device. cd once again moves the terminal into our plugin’s code folder. Then ./ command starts a script that does the plugin install.

Done! 🚀

Congratulations! You now have full and unlimited remote access to your full Creality Sonic Pad! OctoEveywhere provides the community with a ton of great features. Check out iOS and Android remote apps, Gadget, our next-gen AI print failure detection system, live streaming, and more!

Our real-time print notifications support every platform you love: SMS, email, Discord, Telegram, Slack, Pushover, Webhooks, and more!

Our mission at OctoEverywehre is to empower the worldwide maker community to print better with powerful cloud printing tools. If you have any feedback, ideas, or just want to chat, consider joining our Discord or reaching out to the development team directly via our support system.

Welcome To Our Community And Happy Printing!

Helping Those In Need

The world is a crazy place right now. Some people are experiencing hard times, and others are living through unbelievable tragedy.

One of the most important reasons OctoEverywhere exists is to empower the community. When our team first started in 3D printing, we found nothing but a welcoming, warm, and giving community. The 3D printing community shares printer designs, tips and tricks, shared parts, 3D models, software, people hours, and more. That inspires us to develop OctoEverywhere; it’s our way of contributing back.

At some point in our lives, we feel helpless to help others. How can we impact the world for good as a 3D printing cloud service? We aren’t sure, but our only leverage is to take the tools we provide and empower others to do good. So we are going to do it.

For anyone who has fallen on hard times, be it financially, politically, culturally, or socially. If our services or tools would help you or your community get to a better place, we want to help you.

Contact us, and we will be honored to empower you with free Supporter Perks, filament, or whatever’s in our power to help.

If you have resources that might help those in need, please contact us; we can help facilitate their distribution.

We will get through this; the maker community is as strong, vibrant, and inclusive as ever. Let’s use the strength of our community to help the world. 🥰

Orca Slicer – All You Need To Know And How To Get Started

Orca Slicer has an easy-to-use but powerful interface and innovative features. Ideal for beginner and advanced 3D printer makers, Orca Slicer has made quite a splash. There are many other slicers, like PrusaSlicer, Bambu Studio, UltiMaker Cura, and Slic3r, so what makes Orca Slicer unique? How do you set it up? Is it the right slicer for you?

Read on, and you will find out! 🐋

What Is Orca Slicer?

Orca Slicer is based on Bambu Studio, which is based on PrusaSlicer, which is based on Slic3r. That’s quite a family tree, but it shows the power of open-source software in the 3D printing community. The GitHub user SoftFever is the mastermind behind Orca Slicer. Since its first commit on July 16th, 2022, Orca Slicer has become a highly-rated community favorite.

Orca Slicer UI - OctoEverywhere
Orca Slicer’s Clean And Modern UI

Why Should You Use Orca Slicer?

Orca Slicer has an easy-to-use but powerful interface and innovative features. The Slicer has a clean, all-in-one interface, allowing you to position, slice, prep, send, and monitor your print from one interface. Key features include:

  • Modern, clean, and easy-to-understand interface for beginners or advanced users.
  • Pre-made printer profiles for most all modern 3D printers
  • Klipper, OctoPrint, PrusaLink, and Repeater support
  • Auto calibrations for all printers
  • Precise wall
  • Sandwich mode (improved version of external perimeters first mode)
  • More granular slicing controls
  • Multi-language support

How Do You Download Orca Slicer?

Orca Slicer is free and open-source for all users. Windows, Mac, and Linux installers can all be found on the official GitHub Release page. Scroll down to the “Assets” section under the release notes to find the correct installer for your system.

Free Remote Access And AI Print Failure Detection

Do you want free remote access to your OctoPrint or Klipper portal with unlimited AI print failure detection? Who doesn’t? While waiting for Orca Slicer to download and install, install our OctoEverywhere Plugin OctoPrint or Klipper (it only takes 20 seconds!)

OctoEverywhere’s goal is to empower the worldwide maker community with free essential printing tools. We provide the maker community free and unlimited remote access, free and unlimited AI print failure detection, real-time print notifications, live streams, and more! Join our community and jump in the fun!

Setup Orca Slicer

The setup process of Orca Slicer is simple. Pick your region, pick your printer(s), pick the filaments you want to use, and install the Bambu Network plugin.

It is here you’ll see the first strong point of Orca Slicer. The setup process is simple and has an intuitive yet exhaustive pre-configured printer list. Being able to visually see and select your printer is a lovely touch.

We recommend installing the Bambu Network plugin to set up direct network access to your Klipper or OctoPrint printer.

Connect Orca Slicer To Your Printer

If you want the full all-in-one experience and have OctoPrint or Klipper setup on your printer, connect the printer to Orca Slicer! Connecting the printer is easy. Start by clicking the Wi-Fi button to the right of the printer name.

Orca Slicer - OctoPrint and Klipper Connection - OctoEverywhere
Orca Slicer – OctoPrint and Klipper Connection

Now, you will see the printer connection pop-up. Orca Slicer can connect to many different systems; you can see the complete list in the “Host Type” drop-down.

Orca Slicer - Klipper and OctoPrint Setup - OctoEverywhere
Orca Slicer – OctoPrint and Klipper Setup

To setup Klipper or OctoPrint, select Octo/Klipper. Next, you need to enter your printer’s hostname or IP address. If you’re using OctoPrint, you will need an OctoPrint API Access Key and put it in the API Key / Password text box.

Even better, if you want to let Orca Slicer connect to your printer securely over the internet, set up our open-source OctoEverywhere plugin and use a Shared Connection URL! Our Shared Connections URLs can replace your printer’s IP or hostname in any software application, allowing it to securely connect to your printer from anywhere! Neat!

Start Using Orca Slicer

Orca Slicer operates like most other slicers. The basic flow is to import your model, position or adjust your model, slice, analyze the output, generate the gcode, and send it to your printer. That might sound a bit complex, but it’s straightforward, thanks to Orca Slicer’s fantastic UI. Here’s a breakdown.

1) Import Your Model

Orca Slicer is compatible with most industry standard models. Many community models are available on popular websites like Printables, Cults 3D, or Thangs. You can also design your own models using software like TinkerCad or Blender.

There’s an easy way to get your model into Orca Slicer… just drag and drop the file into the interface! It can’t get easier than that!

Orca Slicer UI - OctoEverywhere
Orca Slicer Prepare Interface

2) Position And Adjust Your Model

Next, you will want to make any adjustments to your model you wish. Adjustments include options to scale your model up or down, rotate the model to an optimal printing position, and adjust print settings such as layer height, supports, brims, and printing speed. By default, the print settings will be tuned to your printer and selected filament. We suggest you use the defaults for your first few prints, and then you can adventure into more complicated printing afterward.

3) Slice And Examine

It’s time to slice! Slicing a 3D model is the process of taking the 3D geometry and converting it into layers and then gcode that a 3D printer can use to print. Orca Slicer uses complex algorithms to convert a model into optimal layers for printing. There’s a lot of hidden complexity, like shell detection, z-seam hiding, and more. But Orca Slicer will take care of that for you!

Orca Slicer Sliced Object View - OctoEverywhere
Orca Slicer Sliced Object View

When your object is done slicing, you will a view as you see above. This view allows us to see what Orca Slicer did to generate the layers and allows you to trace how the object will be printed line by line. The verticle slider on the right allows you to scroll through the layers to see each one. The horizontal slider on the bottom lets you see how each line will be printed; you can see exactly how the entire object will be printed!

The dark gray box shows details about the Line Types that make up the model, how much of the % is that part, and how much time will be spent on each. You can also toggle the visibility of each Line Type. This is useful to understand how strong the object will be and, if you need support, where it will be placed.

4) Export The G-code

The last step is to export the gcode to your printer. Not surprisingly, use the big “Export G-code file” button! If you have a printer network connection setup (see directions above), you can send the g-code directly to your printer and start printing. Otherwise, you can save the g-code as a file to your desktop and transfer it to your printer via an SD card.

5) Monitor Your Print

Orca Slicer has a built-in portal to monitor your prints directly from the program. If you have Orca Slicer connected to your printer via the network (see directions above), clicking the Device tab will show your OctoPrint, Mainsail, or Fluidd interface. Even better, if you have an OctoEverywhere Shared Connection setup, it will work from anywhere!

Even better… let our next-generation AI watch the print for you! Try Gadget, OctoEverywhere’s 100% free and unlimited AI print failure detection. Gadget will constantly monitor your print and alert you if there’s a problem via email, SMS, push notifications, Telegram, Discord, or others!

Orca Slicer Unique Settings

You are now setup, slicing, and printing with Orca Slicer! After your first few prints, it’s time to explore Orca Slicer’s settings to optimize your prints. Slicers have a ton of settings, most of which are shared among all slicing software. But what makes Orca Slicer unique? Let’s look at a few special features.

Modern, Clean, and Power Interface

This isn’t a slicer setting, but it’s something Orca Slicer does well. Many other slicers can overwhelm new users by showing too many options without exploitation. Orca Slicer does a beautiful job keeping the interface clean while still surfacing the most critical settings to users. Don’t get it wrong, Orca Slicer has many in-depth options; they are just neatly organized in background menus.

Precise Wall

Precise wall improves shell precision by adjusting outer wall spacing and layer consistency. This means your prints will be dimensionally more accurate, essential for low-tolerance models. This feature is experimental but stable and is a great improvement for your prints.

Orca Slicer Precise Wall - OctoEverywhere
Orca Slicer Precise Wall Setting

Calibration Menu

Printer calibration can have a high learning curve, but it’s crucial for getting the best prints possible. Orca Slicer has a novel approach, building a calibration menu directly into the slicer with calibration tools and guides. These guides are fantastic for new users, with full images and in-depth information.

Orca Slicer Calibration Menu - OctoEverywhere
Orca Slicer Calibration Menu

The calibration menu has tooling and in-depth guides to help you with:

  • Ideal filament temperature calibration
  • Flow rate
  • Pressure advance
  • Retraction testing
  • And more.


Orca Slicer is a welcome slicer to the maker community’s toolkit. The project is based on a solid foundation but presents a fresh take on the UI and many features. The UI is modern, crisp, clean, and a pleasure to work with. Full end-to-end model slicing to printing and monitoring in one application is a wonderful way to print. The 3D printing community has embraced Orca Slicer, and we are excited to see what comes in future updates. We will update this guide overtime as Orca Slicer adds new features, so keep this page bookmarked!

If you have any feedback, corrections, or think we are missing any key features, let us know in our Discord community!

2023 Service Updates

Today we wanted to share a few feature service updates we are excited about!

🤖 Gadget Power Improvements

We are excited to put even more power behind Gadget, our next-generation AI print failure detection system. The community already loves Gadget, and it’s just getting better. Along with Gadget continuously learning and improving from the communities feedback, Gadget now has double the computing power. Right now, the result of this increased power is lower time between print checks, resulting in faster and more accurate failure detections. In the future, this increase in power might lead to things like using being able to use more powerful ML algorithms to make Gadget even better. We want to do so much in the AI failure detection space; we are so happy that we have such a fantastic foundation and are excited about the future!

💻 Server Upgrades

It’s not just Gadget that got a power increase; we also have upgraded our worldwide server infrastructure to run on more powerful, faster, and better-connected servers. This new fleet of servers powers everything you know and love about OctoEverywhere, and ensures all of the features and services we provide run lighting fast. You will see improved page loading times, smoother webcam streaming, and Live Links that can scale to more concurrent viewers than ever.

🚀 Epic New Features

We constantly work on new features, listen to the community, and try new ideas. Our #1 goal is to make the best cloud service for the 3D printing community, let your ideas shine, and empower you every step of the way. We release bug fixes and small tweaks often a week, new, more minor features every few weeks, and one or two large features yearly. We are excited that this year will be no different. We already had a massive launch of Klipper support in the spring of this year, and we are really excited to show what we are working on next. Towards the end of this year (2023), watch for a major announcement of a new feature coming to OctoEverywhere in 2023. 😃

⚙️Support Adjustments

As OctoEveyrwhere grows, some things always have to change. We strive to keep OctoEveywhere accessible to everyone by offering as many of our features as free as we can. We think this is a major part of our contribution to the 3d printing community and stand committed to keeping it. But as we continue to develop the project, our community continues to grow, and as the numerous 3rd party services we rely on run OctoEverywhere continue to change, the cost of running the service fluctuates over time. For these reasons, we will increase all supporter processes by only $1. Extra printer costs will also go up by $0.50 from the current price. This still keeps OctoEverywhere as the lowest-cost option among any 3D printing cloud servers available. Beyond being the lowest price option, we still support the most and most advanced features of any cloud-based 3d printing platform.

We also believe in transparency, and thus, we are posting this blog post and sending emails to all users who will be affected 14 days before the price change is applied. Any user can add, edit, modify, or cancel their supporter perks at anytime on our website, using the supporter page.

OctoEveywhere is 100% driven and funded by the community. We live, breathe, and bleed OctoEveywhere and love working on this project because of the way we see our community embrace it. We can’t do it without you, and we thank you all for your support.

We love to communicate with everyone in our community. If you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or feedback, please contact us directly.

Happy Printing! 🚀

Discord Print Notifications For Klipper, Mainsail, And Fluidd

Did you know you can get information-rich and full-resolution webcam snapshot print notifications and warnings directly in your Discord DMs or server channel? It’s possible with OctoEverywhere’s powerful real-time notification system, and it’s 100% free!

OctoPrint Discord 3D print status progress notification by OctoEverywhere.
Example Discord Print Progress Notification

OctoEverywhere’s next-gen notification system for Klipper, Mainsail, and Fluidd allows 3D printing makers to stay on top of their prints from anywhere. We provide instant notifications for print progress, print completions, printer warnings, filament change warning, first layer completion, AI Failure Detection warnings, and much more!

What are you waiting for? Create your free OctoEverywhere account, set up your 3D printer in under 20 seconds, and enjoy notifications, unlimited remote access, AI failure detection, print live streaming, and more!

Discord Notifications For OctoPrint

Did you know you can get information-rich and full-resolution webcam snapshot print notifications and warnings directly in your Discord DMs or server channel? It’s possible with OctoEverywhere’s powerful real-time notification system, and it’s 100% free!

OctoPrint Discord 3D print status progress notification by OctoEverywhere.

OctoEverywhere’s next-gen notification system for OctoPrint and Klipper allows 3D printing makers to stay on top of their prints from anywhere. We provide instant notifications for print progress, print completions, printer warnings, filament change warning, first layer completion, AI Failure Detection warnings, and much more!

What are you waiting for? Create your free OctoEverywhere account, set up your 3D printer in under 20 seconds, and enjoy notifications, unlimited remote access, AI failure detection, print live streaming, and more!

Android And iPhone OctoPrint and Klipper Push Notifications

OctoEverywhere’s real-time notifications technology can deliver 3d print progress updates, Gadget warnings, printer errors, and more to your email, SMS, Telegram, Discord, … and now… your Android, iPhone, tablet, or desktop!

With no need to install an app, you can now get OctoEverywhere’s amazingly helpful, information-rich notifications directly to your Windows or Mac desktop, Android or iOS tablet, and Android or iOS phone – it’s 100% free! Notifications are fully supported by our OctoPrint and Klipper plugins.

OctoEverywhere's 3D Printer Status Push Notification On A Windows Desktop

What are you waiting for? Create a free OctoEverywhere account and set up push notifications now!

Our advanced notification system lets you choose exactly what information interests you. Print progress, first layer complete, filament change, printer errors, Gadget AI Failure Detection warnings, and more. Each notification is jam-packed with rich print information and a beautiful full-resolution real-time snapshot.

Our goal at OctoEverywhere is to empower the worldwide maker community to print better with free 3d printing cloud tooling. We are so happy that, with our community’s support, we can offer these new notifications for free for all our users.

Go enable mobile notifications for yourself now! Like always, if you have any feedback, we would love to hear it. Join our Discord server and let us know!

Happy Printing!

Free Remote Access To Your Full Fulidd Portal – Unlimited, Private, & Free

OctoEverywhere’s support for Klipper and Fluidd has arrived! Access your full Fluidd web portal from anywhere, including full-frame rate webcam streaming! Like always, remote access from OctoEverywhere is free, unlimited, and private.

Free Fluidd Remote Access Powered by OctoEverywhere
Full Fluidd Access Powered By OctoEverywhere

OctoEverywher for Fluidd is fully empowered with our spectacular features, like free and unlimited AI print failure detection, real-time notifications, Mobileraker app remote access, live streaming, and so much more!

OctoEverywhere only takes 20 seconds to set up; what are you waiting for?
Try OctoEverywhere Now!

OctoEverywhere is one of the top 3 OctoPrint plugins and holds a 4.9 out of 5.0-star rating on Trustpilot with over 300 reviews. OctoEverywhere is developed for the maker community by the maker community. We have built a fantastic community in the last 3 years and are over the moon to include our Klilpper community friends!

Like always, the OctoEverywhere team loves to hear your feedback, comments, and issues. If you have any, please send us a message!

Happy Printing!

Obico Vs. OctoEverywhere – In 2023, Which is Best For You?

You might have encountered several 3D printing services like OctoEverywhere, Obico, Simply Print, and Astro Print. These services offer game-changing features, such as remote access, AI failure detection, cloud slicing, print notifications, live streaming, and more. Which service is best for you? What’s the cost of each? Which is the best remote 3d printing software to fit your needs? Let’s explore them to find out!

Our Top Pick – OctoEverywhere

At A Glance:

  • Free, unlimited, & private remote access to your printer from anywhere. 
  • Free & unlimited advanced AI print failure detection.
  • Free real-time print notifications to Discord, Telegram, SMS, and more.
  • Free print live streaming shareable on all social platforms.
  • Remote access sharing for friends and family.
  • 3rd party app support.
  • Full OctoPrint and Klipper support.
  • 5 printers connected for free.
  • $2.99/month for advanced features.
OctoEverywhere's User Dashboard Showing Live Webcams And Printer Status
OctoEverywhere’s User Dashboard Showing Live Webcams And Printer Status

OctoEverywhere is a free, private, and secure service that cloud empowers your printing – taking it to the next level. By focusing on working with the maker community to build the best tool possible, OctoEverywhere has achieved a 4.9/5 star rating and is the #1 rated remote access plugin on OctoPrint. Along with OctoPrint support, OctoEverywhere fully supports the Klipper printer ecosystem, including Moonraker, Fluidd, Mainsail, Mobileraker, and more.

The core of OctoEverywhere is free and unlimited remote access to your printer control web portal, be it OctoPrint, Fluidd, Mainsaild, or any other software. The remote access includes full webcam streaming and plugin support. It’s insanely fast, sometimes even faster than your local network, thanks to OctoEverywhere’s advanced worldwide mesh of high-performance servers and next-generation caching systems.

As if that wasn’t enough, OctoEverywhere offers users free and unlimited AI print failure detection, a system they call Gadget. Gadget continuously monitors your prints in real time and can detect many common print failures. Print spaghetti, layer issues, adhesion issues, and more can be detected by Gadget, which will then automatically pause the print. Gadget is one of the best AI detection systems, with over a 96% detection success rate. It’s a killer free feature that saves you time and money.

OctoEverywhere continuously adds new features for the maker community based on their feedback and needs. Recent features include beautifully crafted and information-rich notifications that can be sent via email, SMS, Telegram, Discord, Slack, Pushover, and more. Print live streaming, including real-time print information and a live webcam stream that can be shared on any social platform. An information-dense “quick glance” dashboard where you can quickly see the status of all your printers. Remote access sharing and many more features we can’t fit in our review.

OctoEverywhere has an optional supporter subscription that helps pay for the service operation cost and development. Users who opt-in to being a project supporter get Supporter Perks, which makes OctoEverywhere even more powerful. The optional supporter subscription starts at $2.99/month, the lowest cost among all these remote access options we reviewed.

OctoEverywhere has a growing and welcoming community surrounding the project. The community contributes feature ideas, helps develop new features, reports service issues, provides printing help, and more. Most of the community engages on OctoEveywhere’s Discord server and some on Twitter.

Why It’s Our Top Pick

OctoEverywhere offers the most features from any 3d printing cloud services we reviewed. On top of that, all of its powerful features are free and unlimited for the entire community. OctoEverywhere’s mission is to empower the worldwide maker community to print better with free and secure cloud-based features. OctoEverywhere keeps its promise by offering tons of free features and only costs $2.99/month for even more advanced access and project support. $2.99/month is the lowest-cost option among all the services we reviewed and includes the most unlimited limits.

Check out

#2 – Obico (Formally The Spaghetti Detective)

At A Glance:

  • Free but data-limited remote access.
  • Free but time-limited AI failure detection.
  • Free real-time notifications to email, Slack, and more.
  • Live streaming of prints to anyone in the world.
  • Full OctoPrint support and partial Klipper support.
  • 3rd party app support. 
  • Open source software.
  • 1 printer connected for free.
  • $4.00/month for 1 printer with advanced features.
Obico's User Dashboard Interface
Obico’s User Dashboard Interface

Obico has been part of the 3d printing community for a long time. It originally started as The Spaghetti Detective, featuring AI failure detection of spaghetti print failures. The project has grown to include more significant features like remote access, live streaming, and partial Kipper support.

Over the years, Obico has added many useful features to its service. Obico supports 3rd party OctoPrint apps, real-time notifications, live streaming of prints, and more.

The biggest downside of Obico is the limits on free accounts and cost. Compared to OctoEverywhere, Obico offers the same features, but Obico’s offering is much more limited. Obico’s free version only allows 300MB of remote data per month, limits webcam streams to 1 frame per second, limits AI failure detection to 10 hours per month, and only allows 1 connected printer.

The paid version of Obico starts at $4.00/month for one printer and includes 50 AI failure detection hours a month, unlimited tunneling data, and premium webcam streaming. Additional printers cost $2.00/printer/month. It’s a hard sell against OctoEverywhere’s free accounts, which include unlimited remote data, unlimited webcam FPS, and unlimited AI failure detection hours for up to 5 printers.

Obico’s extensive and vibrant community surrounding the project contributes to its open-source core and helps support the project. The community is a great place to hang out, get support, and get your printing questions answered. One advantage Obico has over OctoEverywhere is that it can be self-hosted, a nice option for users with advanced server management and networking skills.

Check out

#3 – Prusa Connect

At A Glance:

  • Developed by Prusa for Prusa printers.
  • In closed beta, not available to all users.
  • Remote printer control and access.
  • Multi-printer file management.
  • Mulit-printer status overview.
  • The price is unknown at this time.

Prusa is one of the beloved 3d printing manufacturers that make many commonly used printers such as the Prusa Mini+, Prusa i3 MK3S+, Prusa XL, and more. Prusa connect is their in-house remote printer control system that’s currently being developed.

From the beta website, Prusa advertises that Prua Connect can give a status overview of multiple printers, enable remote printing for multiple printers, and do file management of multiple printers. These are great features for large-scale print farms but less useful for individual makers.

Much about Prusa Connect is unknown since the product isn’t publicly available. Many speculate it will only be available for Prusa printers. The other big unknown is pricing, which Prusa hasn’t announced yet.

Check out Prusa Connect.

#4 – Astro Print

At A Glance:

  • Powerful multi-printer management.
  • Cloud slicer.
  • Basic remote access and live monitoring.
  • Multi-user access support.
  • 2 printers connected for free.
  • $9.90/month for advanced features.

Astro print is a great solution for multi-user and multi-printer setups. Astro print is geared towards managing big printer fleets, including features like material control and management, cloud slicing, one-model to-many printer queuing, job queuing, and more. 

Casual makers can use Astro Print to manage one to ten printers, but the user experience isn’t as ideal as OctoEverywhere or Obico for most setups. Astro Print also lacks many consumer-level features like AI failure detection, 3rd party support, live streaming notifications, and Klipper support.

Astro Print free accounts allow for 2 connected printers, 1 user account, and 1GB of cloud storage for models. Advance features start at $9.90/month with 5 printers included and $5/printer/month after the first 5.

Check out

#5 – Simply Print

At A Glance:

  • Powerful multi-printer management.
  • Cloud slicer.
  • Remote printer control.
  • Multi-user access support.
  • 2 printers connected for free.
  • $5.99/month for advanced features.

Like Astro Print, Simply Print is more for medium to large print farm users. The UI and feature set work well when managing many printers simultaneously, as in a more enterprise setup.

Simply Print provides a robust cloud slicer, essential when printing from mobile. Lacks many consumer-level features, such as full remote access, AI failure detection, Klipper support, and 3rd party app support.

The free account level allows for 2 connected printers, 1 GB of cloud storage, and a 1 frame per 6 seconds webcam live stream.

More advanced features can be unlocked for $5.99/month, which includes 3 printers, 2GB of storage, and 1 frame per 4 seconds webcam live streaming.

Check out

#6 – Repetier

At A Glance

  • Tried and true.
  • Free and paid pro options are available.
  • Can only be self-hosted; no cloud service is available.
  • Requires custom firmware on your printer.

Repetier is the classic and one of the first 3d printing control software systems. The repeater system requires custom firmware to be flashed on your printer and a dedicated host device running the server software.

Since Repetier has been around for a long time, it has many great features like multi-extruder support, multi-slicer support, multi-part printing, and more. Repetier-Host is a powerful local interface that lets you track your print.

Since Repeiter-Server is the self-hosted cloud option, which can be used to set up remote access to your printer from anywhere. The server should only be exposed to the public internet by a networking professional to ensure it doesn’t become a way for attackers to enter your home network.



There are many outstanding services to cloud empower your printer. Based on the information we compiled above, which is best for you?

Let us know; we would love to hear your feedback!

Happy Printing!

Top OctoPrint Plugins – Bed Level Visualizer, Print Time Genius, And US!

OctoEverywhere is coming up on its second birthday, and we are humbled by the community we have built. We were over the moon today when we noticed that we are not officially one of the top 3 OctoPrint plugins!

Wowzers! We are surrounded by many amazing OctoPrint plugins, including Bed Level Visualizer, Print Time Genius, Octolapse, Firmware Updater, Themeify, and more. We honestly can’t believe we got here, and we only have our amazing community to thank for it. We promise to keep delivering amazing features to continue empowering your 3D printing.

Thanks to each and every one of you. Gadget will be coming soon, so keep an eye out!

Happy Printing!