Security is the #1 priority for OctoEverywhere. We constantly strive to improve our service to make sure your printer and account only are accessible to you.

Today we are excited to announce email account access verification! This new system applies to all accounts and is enabled by default. It protects your account by only allowing logins from trusted locations. If you try to log in to your account from an untrusted location, you will get an email with a two-factor access code you must add to the login. The new location will then be trusted for up to 6 months and thus will allow logins with no account access verification needed.

Note that the trusted location technology only applies to account login and other actions that are security-sensitive. If you are already logged in on a device and move elsewhere, you will not need to verify access with the trusted location system.

OctoEverywhere has supported app-based two-factor authentication for a long time now, which is the best way to lock down your account. The issue is app-based two-factor requires the user to enable it and most users don’t. Since our new email account access verification system applies to all accounts and is always enabled, it protects our entire community from the start.

We would love to hear your feedback or questions. We are here to help anytime, reach out via our support system.

Happy Printing!


Ever start printing a model you’re excited about and want to share it with your friends?

Yeah, us too. That’s why we created Live Links!

Live Links allow everyone to share a free and secure public stream of their prints with friends, family, or the entire world! Live Links are packed with features, like webcam streaming, live printer information, and model links. Live Links also use a rich social sharing technology that puts your print snapshot and information front and center.

Cool right? What are you waiting for? Make your first Live Link now!

Are You a Content Creator?

Live Links support adding your social accounts to the bottom of every link you generate to let viewers know where to find you! It’s a great way to share your work and allow users to follow you if they like what they see.

We are very excited about the launch of Live Links and hope the community has enjoyed them as much as we do. This is just the beginning for Link Links, over time they will become even more powerful, stay tuned!

As always, we love to hear your comment and feedback. Send us a message!

Happy Printing!


We had an absolute blast celebrating our first birthday with our community! Behind all of the birthday celebrations we have been hard at work making OctoEverywhere even better and we have some updates to share!

Faster OctoPrint Portal Loads and App Startup Times

Thanks to the fantastic mind behind OctoApp for Android, we looked into and implemented message compression for our WebSockets! Our printer to server protocol already leverages advanced compression to keep message sizes small and zippy, but now the connection from your browser to our servers will as well!

If you have no idea what that means don’t fear, the result is we are seeing the OctoPrint portal load 10-15% faster and some apps load 5-15% faster on the first launch! You don’t have to do anything to enable it, it’s already working for you right now!

Webcam Plugin Streaming Optimisations

We made an update to our OctoPrint plugin that optimized the webcam stream startup speed and playback smoothness. This change will affect lower-powered devices the most, but it should bring a good performance boost to almost all of our community. To benefit from this work, simply make sure you’re using the latest OctoEverywhere plugin!

IPV6 Enabled Worldwide

We constantly strive to ensure our service is accessible to makers all over the world. One big step towards that goal involved rolling out IPV6 across all of our services. IPV6 is the next-generation internet protocol that allows for better and faster communication between devices on the internet.

What this means for our community is that more of you can connect to our service with smoother and faster connections! In the past, if your internet provider only supported IPV6, the connection to our IPV4 address would need to be proxied and translated by an ISP-controlled server. But now that OctoEverywhere supports IPV6 so your connections will come directly to our servers!

Happy Holidays ☃️

We have a lot more great features being cooked up in our kitchen that we are excited to tell you about soon!

Buy until then, have a great holiday season and happy printing!


OctoEverywhere’s Shared Connections are an extremely powerful tool that can enable remote access to any system that integrates OctoPrint functionally.

Shared Connections work by generating a unique and secure OctoEverywhere URL that will give access to your printer. You can use that unique URL to give your friends remote access to your printer, or you can use it in any application or system where you would normally use an OctoPrint local IP address or local hostname.

One example is the OctoPrint plugin for Cura! The amazing plugin allows Cura to work directly with OctoPrint to send your sliced gcode right to OctoPrint and start printing! You can easily set up the plugin to work from anywhere using Shared Connections!

To set it up, simply follow this guide!

Happy Printing!


There’s a lot to love about OctoEverywhere – being able to access your 3d printer no matter where you are, for free, is pretty sweet. But sometimes it’s nice to zone out and forget about things for a while, without having to worry you might miss something…

Introducing OctoEverywhere’s Instant Printer Notifications!

Our Instant Printer Notifications technology easiest way to keep tabs on your printer and prints – for free! We support notifications where ever you are; get instant notifications via Email, SMS, Telegram, Discord DMs, Slack, Pushover, or Pushbullet! We support 10 printer events and counting; including printing complete, print failed, print progress, first layer complete, filament or color change required, and more!

OctoEverywhere's Instant Printer Notifications Hub

We meticulously crafted the notification format for every notification platform to make look and feel amazing, including full-resolution snapshots on most platforms!

OctoEverywhere Discord DM notification example.

Wow! How Do I Try!?!

Simple! If you already have OctoEverywhere setup, head over to the Notification Hub to enable whichever notification endpoints you wish. Then pick exactly which notifications events you want to receive.

If you don’t have OctoEverywhere setup on your OctoPrint based 3D printer, check out our Getting Started Guide for a quick and easy 2-minute setup!

Like always…

… a huge shout out to the amazing community we are building and all of the OctoEverywhere project supporters. We had a handful of our community members volunteer to take part in an invite-only beta of this system and together we were able to make some critical improvements to the system. Without all of you, this project would be nothing. ♥

Happy Printing!
– Quinn


Well… the title says it all… we have an official Discord now!

I wanted to do this for a few reasons:

  • Give our growing community a place to meet-up, get to know each other, and chat.
  • Give our community a place to support each other by asking and solving issues.
  • Give our community a place to discuss feedback and ideas. A place where everyone can contribute and I can directly engage in the conversation.
  • I needed a home for our new Discord DM bot! (more on that soon!)

So what are you waiting for? Come join the server now and say hi!


I have some extremely exciting news to share today… starting right now both OctoPod and Polymer for iOS support Complete OctoEverywhere Integration! OctoPod and Polymer (formerly OctoClient) are the top two rated OctoPrint apps on the iOS store. They both are excellent apps with modern looks and powerful features. These are a must-have if you have an iPhone for checking into your prints on the go!

Sounds amazing right? Click here to learn more and get your app set up now!

With the addition of these two new iOS apps, there are now a total of 4 apps on both iOS and Android that support Complete OctoEverywhere Integration. As a quick reminder, Complete OctoEverywhere Integration means you just need to download the app, sign in to OctoEverywhere, and everything just works. OctoEverywhere’s power app connection technology works seamlessly with these apps to create a reliable and secure connection to your printer from anywhere.

I have been working with the app developers behind OctoPod and Polymer for a few months now to make this happen. They were both extremely amazing to work with and outstanding engineers. Check out their apps and if you like what you see, consider supporting their efforts!

Like always, if something goes wrong or you have any feedback on the app integration, please reach out to me!

That’s all for now, happy printing!


This post is mostly just for legal reasons.

Let it be known that as of 8/24/2021, OctoEverywhere, its operation, financial liability, and legal liability is owned exclusively by my newly formed LLC, qLabs LLC!

To the users, nothing is different. The service is still owned, developed, and operated exclusively by me, Quinn Damerell (since I’m the only owner of qLabs LLC). The formation of the LLC simply helps me manage the business more officially and make sure I’m following all of the required business guidelines!

From day 1, my goal with OctoEverywhere has always been to build a tool for empowering the entire maker community. I’m over the moon with the success of the tool and the community we have all built so far. This is just the beginning, there’s so much more to come!

A very special thanks to each and every one of you who has made this possible!


Update 10/22/2021: I worked with the YouTube channel Renaissance Laboratories to create a video covering the security of OctoEveyrwhere! It’s a great resource to augment the information found in this post.

Being a 3D printing maker myself, I fully understand the concerns around exposing printers to the internet. It’s a wonderful and powerful tool for all makers, but it has to be done right. From day zero of designing and writing the OctoEverywhere service, security has been the top priority. Every feature I have designed requires absolute security and if I can’t do it in a secure way, it doesn’t get added to the service.

There are two main things to consider with security:

  • Account security that relies on you.
  • Service seurity that relies on OctoEverywhere.

Your Account Security

The #1 entry point to all cyber attacks (even the big corporate hacks) is exploiting a user to get their credentials in some way. Your account credentials are the keys to your kingdom. It’s up to you to make sure they are unique and secure. Here’s something to consider to keep your account safe.

  • Use Strong Passwords
    • Our system enforces a minimum password length, but you must make sure the password is strong. Strong passwords are long and include letters, numbers, and symbols. Using a password manager is a great way to generate secure passwords. You can update your OctoEverywhere password anytime using the password reset system.
  • Never Reuse A Password
    • Reusing passwords on other websites opens you up to attack. It’s far too common for other websites to leak passwords which are then paired with your email address and used by bad actors. Armed with your email addresses and password from other sites, a bad actor can reuse that combination to gain access to your OctoEverywhere account. Using a password manger is great and simple way to keep track of per website passwords.
  • Enable 2 Factor Authentication
    • OctoEverywhere supports 2 factor authentication which is an amazing way of keeping your account secure. Even if a bad actor acquires your email and password, unless they also have the constantly changing 6-digit code from your device they can’t get in. This means even if you accidentally give away your password, your account is still secure! I strongly encourage you to enable two factor authentication on your account, which you can do here.
  • Use Google, Facebook, or Apple Login
    • Using a login partner adds another layer of security to your account. These massive companies have many great engineers working on keeping our account secure. You can add any login to your account assuming you use the same email address. To fully secure your account, also update your OctoEverywhere password to a strong, long, and unique password.

OctoEverywhere Service Security

As I said at the top of this post, I take security very seriously. No service can ever guarantee perfect security in today’s modern world, but I put security first in everything I do. No matter how great a feature would be for our community, if it can’t be done securely, I won’t add it. All of the OctoEverywhere systems are designed with multiple layers of security using cutting-edge security standards and practices.

I believe that transparency is an obligation for all services providers to supply. If there is ever a security-related issue with OctoEverywhere, no matter how small or large, I will promptly inform all users and make sure to get in contact with any users who are directly affected.

Account Information

We collect the minimal amount of account information as possible, just an email and password. We don’t need to know anything else, so we don’t want to. We don’t even know your first name, so we can’t even greet you!

We do need to collect more information if you decide to support the project, but all of that information isn’t held by our services it’s held by our subscription partners ChargeBee and Stripe. ChargeBee and Stripe are the leading global payment systems in the world.

Your Browser To Printer Connection

When you connect to your printer, both your browser’s connection to our servers and your printer’s connection to our servers is encrypted and secured using industry-standard encryption. The same encryption system is used by your bank when you connect to manage your funds online. This is the first layer of security for printer connections. Your browser holds a session cookie that’s 256 bytes of high entropy randomness that identifies you and your authentication to the service. For a browser’s request to be sent to a printer, the browser must preset a valid session cookie that’s associated to the correct account and has the printer associated to it. Meaning that before anyone can send requests to your printer, they must first have a valid user session authentication token.

After your browser has authenticated you to the service and the service allows your request to be sent to your printer, you must also log in to the OctoPrint interface using your local OctoPrint credentials. Our OctoEverywhere service securely transports your login credentials through our system but never stores them in any way. The credentials are lost from our system immediately after sending them to your printer. This is the second layer of protection. Since no OctoPrint credential information is ever stored anywhere in our service, a bad actor has no way of obtaining them from our services.

App Connections

App connections create a per-app and per-portal session “app id” that grants the app access to only the selected printer. The authentication session given to app connections does not allow the apps access to your account or any other printers on it. Furthermore, app connections are also secured by a set of unique and random http credentials associated with the app id, that must be present in all of the app’s requests. These credentials are sent in the encrypted communication to our servers, so they can’t be intercepted in man-in-the-middle attacks. You have the power to revoke any app’s permission at any time via the shared connections page on our website. Revoking the credentials will immediately block the app and any access to your printer.

The second layer of security on app connections is the authentication key the app must also acquire from OctoPrint. Same as the browser-based connections, even if a bad actor were able acquire the app’s “app id” and unique password to send requests to the printer, the bad actor would still need to acquire the app’s OctoPrint token which is known only to the app on your device.

General Service Security

Our service runs on a secure hosting provider, Digital Ocean. Digital Ocean is one of the largest hosting providers in the world, so they are a great choice. Our prescient storage and databases are hosted in Microsoft’s Azure, which is also a leading worldwide hosting provider. Each of these provides has a ton of security practices and rules in place, and I try to follow them all.

I only disclose any OctoEverywhere information to other 3rd party services when absolutely necessary. For example to support subscriptions I need to send a unique user key to ChargeBee. Any 3rd party service or accounts I use for OctoEverywhere are secured with a unique and strong password and also have two-factor authentication set up where available.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post adds some transparency to the OctoEverywhere service and helps the OctoEverywhere community better understand the extensive security practices and procedures I consider and implement.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me via the contact page which will directly email me. I would be more than happy to discuss any further questions anyone has. If any of the questions are generalized enough and would be interesting for the community, I will update this post with the information.


Every since OctoEverywhere launched in beta back in November, the user home we know and love hasn’t changed much. Some have asked, why does all of my printer information load on top of the main website homepage? Well… there’s no good reason beyond when I was originally working on the prototype it was a quick and easy place to put it.

I have wanted to make the user home experience better for some time now and I finally found some time to do it. When reworking the experience, I had a few high-level goals:

  • Make a new delightful home for our just community.
  • Make it functional and glanceable.
  • Make it clean.
  • Make it modern.

One big goal was to make the new printer dashboard functional, so if you wanted to super quickly check on a print you don’t have to load the full OctoPrint dashboard. I’m very happy with the resulting webcam preview feature and hope to add more at-a-glance functional very soon.

The new dashboard is live now! To use it, just sign into your OctoEverywhere account and you will be directed to it!

As always, your feedback and support is what powers OctoEverywhere. We welcome any and all feedback, be it good or bad. Please send any feedback through our support system, I read each and every message.